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Ross Roy Confidential Bulletin for Salesman
Plymouth Bulletin no. 5             December 6, 1956
Plymouth vs. Ford



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Plymouth features clean unbroken styling lines.

Head-on view shows who´s the newest.
"Going away" look favors Plymouth.

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Note to drivers (especially long-legged ones).
Space to spare in Plymouth´s trunk.
More convenience and style in Plymouth panel.


Plymouth leads Ford in roominess

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Greater eye-level visibility for Plymouth driver.
Plymouth provides faster defrosting.

Plymouth´s New Torsion-Aire Ride
chlinches comfort leadership.
See for Yourself wich one has the brake-dip.

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Plymouth corners flatter on high-speed curves.

Plymouth Total Contact Brakes are better on every count.
Plymouth leads in steering ease.

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Plymouth V-8 engines lead Ford V-8´s in Power, Size and Advanced Features.

Plymouth leaves Ford behind in acceleration tests.
Plymouth´s Torque-Flite bests Fordomatic in every driving test.

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Plymouth the winner
... uphill  ... and down

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